SQL Server Tools And SQL Prompt Alternative

There are not that many SQL Server tools you can use, but there are some pretty good ones!

We all probably use SQL Prompt (hands down the best thing you can possibly get), however if you’re a developing at home, it might be a little bit pricey to buy the licence.

As a free alternative we have – Apex SQL, which is light, does the job, and gives you extra bit information. However, it hasn’t got the functionality of SQL Prompt, and it’s basically a slightly more advanced version of our traditional and beloved friend – IntelliSense.

DBForge’s Studio Express is something interesting that tries to replace SSMS, perhaps a something quite similar to Dell Software’s Toad? It looks alright, behaves ok, it’s got its own IntelliSense feature which is ok, but not much better than Apex.

SQL Assist is a really interesting, and quite different. Even though it is quite pricey, it actually adds additional functionality to SSMS. Things like compare data and schema, refactoring, search and replace and many others. Now, even though most of the stuff could be done by a lot of the RedGate’s software, it’s still decent in terms of saving time. RedGate’s UnitTest tool is £225, but you can get the whole SQL Assist , and it’s actually cheaper! In terms of functionality, the unit test feature on SQL Assist is really similar to the one by RedGate, so if you’re crazy about maintaining important business procs, seems like a good deal! The Visual Studio SQL’s unit tests seems to be quite decent, but the time involved in fixing and maintaining them might not be the smartest thing long term.


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